Tuesday, 28 August 2007

What does Soapbar look like and how to identify it?

Some characteristics to look out for:
  • The price is one of the easiest give aways!
  • Colour can vary from Light Brown/Green to a Dark Brown/Black and even vary. depending on where the bar has been cut.
  • Very Hard and very difficult to break until warmed up (microwave/lighter).
  • Very fine to sprinkle like powder when warmed up with lighter although it can vary.
  • Shiney Dark Coating on the outside depending where it has been cut
  • Possible black smoke when burnt/warmed up.
  • Smell is not very strong although you may smell mild herbal depending on strength but could also spmell of diesel due to where it has been stored, smells can vary.
  • Smoking is quite harsh on the throat and not a very clean/herbal taste.
  • The effects can include no stone at all, headaches, sore throat/coughing up flem/chest pains.
Some example photos:


Anonymous said...

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