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Posted by: T. Bell [13th February 2006]
It would be better if there was research done into the substance called soapbar which is what our children are actually smoking on the streets on our inner cities. I've just been watching the BBC questioning whether cannabis should be upgraded whilst showing children smoking this stuff which is a completely different substance. Its full of toxins, bleach, boot polish, tar and all sorts of nasties and because its so cheap its being taken en masse by masse by kids in our cities whose lungs, bloodstream and brains are already receiving high levels of pollutants from such things as heavy traffic and industrial development.

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*S1M-2153 Tommy Sheridan: Dangers of "Soapbar" Cannabis
That the Parliament believes that the widespread sale and use in Scotland of "soapbar" instead of pure cannabis give rise to serious concerns about the health of cannabis users and that it therefore makes sense to legalise the sale of cannabis for personal use so that the quality of cannabis can be subject to legal scrutiny and these concerns properly addressed.

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David Liddell - SDF
“Cash-strapped young people are inhaling potentially dangerous amounts of cheap “soapbar” or “council cannabis”, often the equivalent of three to five joints at one time. “This is even though it can be contaminated with potentially dangerous ingredients such as turpentine, boot polish, aspirin, animal droppings, glues, dye, and potentially cancerous industrial chemicals.

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Posted by fummo on August 18, 2006 11:00 AM
What the government should do is concentrate their efforts in arresting people who sell soap bar hash as this is bad stuff, some of its constituants are diesel/kerosene, beeswax, coffee and milk powder it is this that is damaging our nations cannabis smokers, legalise it and everyone benefits, we get the best smoke , the government gets the tax money.

Posted by Simon on August 15, 2006 7:09 PM
I Believe cannabis should be decriminalized. People need to stop smoking soap bar, it is full of impurities such as deisel and oil, and the only reason english people smoke it is because of the rarity and price of weed here. We should learn from the netherlands. Decriminise weed. Let it be sold in liscenced outlets, even tax it if need be. Holland doesn't have a problem with this system, so it could work well for us too.

Posted by Reverend Peter Brown on August 14, 2006 1:30 PM
Where does anyone get the idea cannabis is additive??
ITS NOT, it has NO ill side effects at ALL, stop confusing cannabis with soapbar/resin its nothing like the same. Pure cannabis in bud form is clean if grown correctly, soapbar/resin contains about 4% cannabis 96% toxins such as petrochemical waste henna ketamine human/animal manure plastic and all matter of danderous stuff.
Now this so called cannabis phsycosis has anyone bothered to look into diet enviroment upbringing family history?? no why not?
I'll tell you why shall i ? because its easier to stop looking for a cause, as soon as the patient mentions cannabis.

Posted by Earl on August 14, 2006 12:52 PM
If cannabis is to be tolerated then it must be on licensed premises or in other commercial settings and as a group activity in private homes. You would be surprised what people smoke this great herb. I have smoked cannabis for many years to no ill effect and have never tried any other drug you must remember that its just a plant.
Soap-bar (resin) on the other hand should be upgraded to class A because of all the impurities it contains.

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"I challenge anyone to show a piece of standard soap-bar to coffee-shop managers in Amsterdam, and try to find one who recognises it as cannabis resin. Most would find visual assessment enough, but smelling it usually confirms its fake status (smoking it is neither necessary nor advisable)"

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S1ndr0me said...

The government are re-classiying cannabis to Class B because Jacqui Smith is telling us that it is a health risk. But Surely the two most contaminated types of cannabis are "soapbar" and "Grit weed" these two products alone represent such a large percentage of cannabis in the UK, its scary. They also represent such horrendous health risks that most adult smokers who can source decent cannabis wouldnt touch it. But these two products only exist because of prohibition. The two single largest health risks that cannabis smokers face would be eliminated over night. Surely protecting 4 million+ voters buy removing a harmful product from our streets is far better than crimilising 4 million of the electorate.


S1ndr0me said...

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ian said...

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I've seen and heard all about the contaminated weed sprayed with glass and god knows what else but i can't believe what i have read here about soap bar. I used to smoke it all the time years ago but now all i will smoke is polum. Is there any contamination assositated with Polum?

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