Tuesday, 9 October 2007

How to clean your Soapbar to cut some health risks

How to clean your Soapbar:

  • Can reduce the amount contaminants in Soapbar
  • Possibly a cleaner high without the contaminants
  • THC content apparently stays the same because it is not water soluble
  • No more rocky burns!
  • Less harsh on the throat in some cases
  • Good success rate of cleaning is successful
  • Insoluble contaminants will NOT dissolve
  • The time it takes to clean it
  • Overall weight is reduced significently
  • It STINKS the kitchen out!
  • Chances of losing the shit down the sink

There are various forums on the internet describing how to clean Soapbar, I have extracted the following below and hope you find it a useful method to clean your lump:

(credits to the Mr Switch from the GrassCity Forum for this tutorial and photos)
Original Thread

Boil Method:

This method seems popular and the success rates are fairly good at extracting various contaminants from the Soapbar, although this may not extract everything it does minimise the risks of smoking some of the contaminants. The THC stays the same due to the temperature of boiling so the strength should not be cut down. The actual quantity of the Soapbar will be reduced significantly even up to half the amount of the original weight.

Step 1 : Break your Soapbar into smaller pieces so it dissolves faster.

Step 2 : Add enough boiling water to cover your pieces.

Step 3 : Stir well with a fork and make sure all the lumps are broken down and dissolved.
(this should leave you with some dirty water and powder floating around in the water as seen below, this apparently all the henna. The smell will also not be very nice either)

Step 4 : After approximately 5-10 minutes you can then pour the water out of the pan carefully or run it through a coffee filter to ensure you do not loose any of the remains in the pan. You can optionally run through the full process again to keep cleaning the Soapbar until the water is clean. You should end up with a "wet sand/powder" that is a light brown as seen below:

Step 5 : Now you have to get the Hash dry again, most of the water can be absorbed in Kitchen Roll although you may loose some hash or by using a coffee filter. Do this several times and the hash will start to become a dry powder.

You have now cleaned your Soapbar. Although the powder can be quite hard to smoke you can still try it.

Details on how to form the Soapbar into a solid form again will be shown in detail shortly.

Please email any errors or amendments you think should be changed or if you know any other methods.

Good luck cleaning your Soapbar!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i have used this method for a while and it really does work

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this! I tried this just about 30 mins ago. I had some soapbar and it is all I have right now. I had it for a few weeks now but I didn't smoke it cos I had better stuff available. Well I was desperate for a smoke and smoking it was not getting me high. It was very dark and when burned it was hard, not fluffy. So I found this page and tried it out. I crushed it up into tiny pieces, I boiled it and drained it a few times, the stench was awful and the water was yellowish-brown. But after I dried it out I was left with powdery hash! It is the colour it should be now, and its fluffy. I just had a smoke and I'm definitely high, which didn't happen before! So pleased about this! So thanks again. I usually get good stuff but I ended up with soapbar on this occasion. It's a total waste, it's disgusting to think that dealers will put anything in it just to bump up their profits. Anyone that buys it regularly should really stop and find a better dealer. Anyway.... I'm happy now lol :o)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget if you're happy to cook with your soapbar rather than smoking it, you can do this process to take the water soluble contaminants out, then you can do the exact same process with butter/whole milk.

THC being fat soluble will dissolve into the butter/milk, and provided you've already done the boiling water extraction, there should be even fewer contaminants.

Don't forget though, this time, you keep the butter and throw away the solid material, since the THC has dissolved into the fat.

Anonymous said...

this method is so good and leaves you with a quality clean(er) product at the end which actally does get you high.

there will proberbly come a point where soap prices in the uk will be so low due to people saying no that you could actally sell cooked repressed clean hash made from low grade as high grade for much higher prices and get yourself a healthy profit

Cannabis Broker said...

First of all this a well put together cannabis blog and especially this post on processing the hash is done like a pro.... thanks for the info man.

Anonymous said...

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The Truth said...

Tried this recently and you know what it actually works! If I'm ever forced to smoke this awful stuff again I will not do so until I use this process first! These instructions should be attached to every crappy bit of soap bar sold all over the UK.It's a pity prohibition doesn't do health warnings and they'd prefer to let kids seriously damage their health purchasing unregulated junk masquerading as cannabis!

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Anonymous said...

Just done this and it worked but i put the grated soapbar into a tea bag before putting it in the water to save filtering it after. You can even dry it in the tea bag as well.

Anonymous said...

i got dealt some pretty shit hash and only realised when i got home. this method of cleaning works. yea it shrinks alot and is time consuming but its better than smoking that horrible shit. the whole exerience has pissed me off to the point where i bought a light and some seeds

ryan wright said...

Be grateful for you so much for this! I attempted this just about an hour ago. I had some soapbar and it is all I have suitable now. I had it for a couple of weeks now but I didn't smoke it 'coz I had much better stuff spice incense accessible. Properly I was anxious for a smoke and smoking it was not obtaining me high. It was very dimly lit and when used it was hard, not cosy. So I discovered this web page and attempted it out.

Anonymous said...

Just did 20 filters and still didnt work - dont waste your time or a saucepan as that is ruined too! FYI i got sold my soapbar on Agora (like silkroad) advertised as Polm! and cost 140 for the oz.

Liza Turner said...

It is really very useful for Cleaning , thanks for sharing such a nice post.

Manar Koutb said...
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Anonymous said...

I've stumbled upon brilliance with this clean your smoke advice!!! So yeah OMG THANKS!! Reasons 4 " smoke" n not soap, is I've got some seriously bad pollen!? Its got the star of david, so not the best start I've since read.. Its in proper slabs, tho its too brittle,its slate like but not in a good way, its brittle then goes weirdly powder like,Its got the usual darker top n bottom bits n is dark till I burn it then turns near beige in colour,there was no real tells when my mate bought a K!!( £1500 sare een eh!?) so to the obvious smoke..sigh..its crazzzy bad!!? Aye headaches n wishing for soapbar bad!! But I've followed the water clean easy option ( I'm not a botanist/ chemist/(( if I knew then what I know now about this rapid decrease in street hash I SO would be!!)) I don't understand the chemical alphabet and at the arse end of my 30s n being brought up on real solids red/gold seal,squidgy and the likes,now I really can't be done with ' learning' this supposed buy then smoke process which has held me in good form till recently! Lol) So all u knowledge warriors back away and PLZ knowledge angels guide me!? Lol but yeah after washing ounce n half its LOOKING better,looking really fluffy etc, still got a whiff of something I'd like gone, but there is hope!! And hope is what keeps me alive! There's not much said about the drying technique?? How long does it take to dry out? being my most urgent query!?( lol) overnight? How to store it till then?? WOULD I be better doin the whole acetone method being how its SUPPOSED 2b better quality, pollen I mean? Whoever made up this batch is some sorta stoner terrorist! Anyways..I'm actually really worried now that some1s gonna tell me I've got legal high or some shit like that.. my poor poor friend..sigh..thanks peeps! Peace out

You only know what u know because u know it said...

Oh and why ppl crying bout losing hash down the sink? USE THE PLUG AT LEAST DUH..

You only know what u know because u know it said...

Me again, anonymous is me too, the water wash recipe thang I went with didn't have photos so I haven't followed it to the letter, my bad k,instead of mushing the pollen right down into a liquid style state, I just cut mine down to bite sized chunks THEN did everything else, but its still looking LOADS better, like bite sized pieces of your powder pic, so hmm what 2 do..LEAST now I have OPTIONS!!!! Still in phase hope at least..

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