Saturday, 13 October 2007

Another method to clean your Soap Bar

The best method is to avoid buying Soapbar, Cheap Hash and Cannabis Resin in the first place but here is a second method for trying to clean your Soapbar or Cheap Hashish - Although both methods can have effective results, some contaminants will probably still be in the Soapbar after doing either method.

All content below is from WAMEN on the ICMAG forum, THANK YOU for a detailed cleaning method.
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ok- the process im talking about can be explained basically this way: boiling it..seperating the hash powder from the chemical shits ...the hash goes to the bottom and the shit (oil and other stuff) stays on the top.than re-collecting the hash, pressing-drying.

-at least 2 grams of soap bar (crappy hashish)
-1 milk-jug
-1 bunch of paper toils
- enough water to fill 1/2 of the pot( depends by the size of it, big pots are not needed)
- 1 strainer(with small small as passible)
- 1 plastic bag ( you will brake it in smaller pieces)
- 1 little gas camping stove( or whatever your kitchen has)
- 1 a deep dish or a salad container
- 1 electric heater
- 1 tea spoon

this is the shit:

Step 1 :
the hashish( ) has to be scrumbled in small pieces...

Step 2:
when the water is boiling throw all the hash in the pot, and turn off the fire.

wait for 10 minutes keeping an eye on the little pieces that are gonna stick up to the sides of the pot. do not mix it ..let it stay chill and let the hashish fall on the bottom.
you should feel a shitty smell coming up in the vapor...let it go and dont breath it!

Step 3:
pick up the strainer

poure out the water in the dish passing through the strainer... so all the hash stops on the screen and the shit goes away with the water..
the water will still have some hash in get ready to do in again.

Step 4:
catch up the resin from the strainer and put it u can finish passing all the water through the screen...and u can throw away that disgustin water.

Step 5:
spread the hash on a waterproof surface and start pressing it with some paper toils.. on and on..use as many paper you need..and keep pressing and pressing hard.. after a minute it will look apparently waterless..but there must be still a lot of water inside...

Step 6:
catch up all the hash and fit it on a piece of that plastic bag.. make it it doesnt brake up.. twist the plastic around the hash like a tight bag... make it like a little ball.. really really tight ..twist it hard..and make some holes using a needle... the way the water can get out of it..while youre pressing it hard between your thumb and index... do it like 10 times.. cause you will see there is always some water to get...

Step 7:
the piece needs to be dryed so keep it in front of the heater for some minutes....than get it out of the bag...break it in 4 pieces..and let the inside dry out..

Step 8:
after some minutes of heat flow, it should look and feel harder and dryer...

its time to re-press it...and let it rest there near the heater(at the minimum) for 5 minutes more...


heres the final product after some minutes of hot air flow.


Winston Matthews said...

Do not buy soap bar, and ensure you know your product.

Winston Matthews LCA.

BOOBS said...

Tried this 4g went to 3.6g much lighter colour better smoke buy far.
Put it in a tea bag(sewed it up) so no siving, kept crushing it between 2 bits of kitchen roll,many times!!, got lighter and lighter(colour), finaly put on top a radiator to get anything else. Will do with the rest of the 1/2oz. SUPERB

Anonymous said...

turned into some kind of poweder for me...
lol the hash must been so crap it isnt even purifiable.
it did semll like hash and all when I bought it:(

Kali Kola said...

Thanks for the great share, I've been looking for this kind of information for some time now. Hash can be tricky sometimes, especially when you are trying to produce it yourself

Anonymous said...

it turned into gack when i done it this way..

left with fk-all.. dnt try unless uve got a steady supply at the ready !!

How TO Make A Bong said...

what the yell is this?

Anonymous said...

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fhwcc said...

It is the right procedure and works really well!

KannabiksenKasvatus said...

Wtf? That kannabis shit is crazy! I have to try

Anonymous said...

Have done this a few times now, certainly takes the tinge out of the hash, not as harsh on throat either and quality is improved, didn't lose to much in quantity, have never reformed it to a lump tho but don't listen to any1 that says you can't smoke the powder as you defo can
wee tip now, when you drain the water and hash is left in pot, leave in the pot and press against the side using a teaspoon, gets a good bit of the soaked up water out, then proceed with kitchen roll

Anonymous said...

Unique method of cleaning soap bar.. I have never heard it before..
end of lease cleaning

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