Sunday, 9 September 2007

Soap is poison "PDF Leaflet" by the LCA (Legalise Cannabis Alliance)

Nice work by the LCA again, they have created a PDF which has 3 leaflets stating the dangers of soapbar, these are worth printing off and giving to anyone you know who smokes soapbar or is thinking about smoking it!

Direct Link to the PDF


Anonymous said...

This is what cannabis prohibition has led to - poisonous polluted crap cannabis on the streets - huge profits for dealers - ill health for users.

So many people over the years have turned to "home grown" bud on the market - now we have bud polluted with ground glass, grit, sand and who-knows-what sort of crap.

So what does the UK Government do - warn us that pure cannabis is just as dangerous as the contaminated cannabis.

This and all Governments have a duty of care to stop this stuff - and the only sensible way to do that is to allow limited home non-profit cultivation and sale to adults through reliable outlets where the goods on sale are available for inspection.

Dealers selling soap bar, grit weed etc deserve prison.

Anonymous said...

They dont care about us.. They never have and never will do . When we all start growing our own and not buying crap off the streets they might start to listen. But only cos there is a tax to be paid.... Instead we have a rich gun cluture of gangs recruiting teenagers, fuelled buy drug sales and reaping masssive fianacial reward by these contaminants.
Prohibition is a waist of the publics money and the goverenments, police and prisions time. No matter what - Cannabis use will never stop, and that is clear by the number of people smoking contaminated gear.

bil said...

It's shocking how many young people I know who insist on smoking soap bar and grit weed despite all my efforts to persude them to "grow or go without" But for most people who rely on black market/ imported by REAL criminals there is little or no choice. I personally know a few people who have been admitted to hospital with lesions in their lungs after smoking grit.

Such a shame the Government insists on letting its own people continue to be poisoned by criminals.

We can only help them learn, keep writing letters!

V~Dub said...

Soap bar...

A think brown block when heated with a flame crumbles ready to be smoked

made from glue, turpentine, pine wax and coffee..


Dried leaves from the plant cannabis sativa when ground is ready to be smoked

grown in a plant pot, just add water and sunlight

when i smoked some soapbar i was left tickled by the tiny traces of cannabis with the other chemicals creating a nausea


I believe it should be disasociated with the plant and become its own 'drug'

Its like comparing coffee to heroin

skunkport said...

hehe, this crap's been around for years and idiots still smoke it. I've given out the LCA leaflets and stuck them up in various places, astounds me that I still get people not believing the crap that's in in. I feel old when I tell people I remember good sput! I miss that stuff...remember 3 of us as teenagers sat in my folks garage all wrecked on a £5 block of sput, bonging away and eating cornettos from the fridge in the garage while having laugh attacks.
The government has as much collective brainpower as a dead rat, my apologies to any dead rats reading this.

The Soapbar Blog said...

Thanks for all your comments! Much appreciated and glad to visitors coming to the site :)

Anonymous said...

"If you carry on smoking this stuff with plastic in it in three years you will go mad"

(correct) prediction made by person in Morocco. Be careful of what you do to your body. good cannabis may be a magical consciousness realisation herb/drug (yes that the government elements do seek to pervert and turn to shit/insane). In addition to this maliagn pyscology from the state etc, cannabis smokers must beware of the adulterated crap that is smoked thoughtlessly by many.


ryan wright said...

It's surprising how several youthful folks I know who persist on smoking soap bar and determination weed or spice incense regardless of all my endeavours to influence them to "mature or go devoid of" But for most people who depend on black market/ imported by REAL criminals there is little or no choice. I individually know a few people who have been confessed to hospital with patches in their respiratory system after smoking resolution.

Megan Shelly said...

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