Sunday, 9 September 2007

Dr Russell Newcome on the ACMD report on cannabis

Russell Newcombe, Lifeline Publications, Manchester; February 2006

Found this on the "Lifeline Project Website" and highlights some faults with the ACMD (Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs).


But the ACMD failed to suggest research into the adulterants in cannabis products. Yet, during research over the last decade, numerous cannabis users have complained to me about the increasing adulteration of cannabis – particularly soap-bar resin, Britain's most popular cannabis product, but also pesticides in skunk. Indeed, one small study of five soap-bar samples seized by Customs in 2001 found huge adulteration by many toxic substances, including soil, glue, engine oil and animal shit – any of these adulterants could contribute to the triggering of psychotic symptoms in users. This problem is never mentioned in official reports, and whenever I have asked government officials about this (eg. at conferences), they simply shake their heads at me and reply with stuff like 'there is no evidence whatsoever of the adulteration of cannabis'. Yes, but that's because there has been no research, and cannabis is not routinely analysed for adulterants by the FSS like powdered drugs are. Indeed, the belief that cannabis resin is not adulterated is found only among people with no first-hand experience of the British cannabis market. I challenge anyone to show a piece of standard soap-bar to coffee-shop managers in Amsterdam, and try to find one who recognises it as cannabis resin. Most would find visual assessment enough, but smelling it usually confirms its fake status (smoking it is neither necessary nor advisable).

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Anonymous said...

correct most soapbar is contaminated.but i believe that some of the bars coming in are quite clean this year hasnt been too bad but 2005 was the worst for low quality hash coming to uk terrible stuff!. you just have to know what to look for and know what real hash smells like.

Anonymous said...

it is about time someone raised this issue it is shocking to think the govenment would rather u smoked this shit than regulate the hash market and give 2 the masses what they want and at the same time they could turn a one at the moment could say the pen pushing yes men in the cabinet dont need as they can get looking at the mess they have got us in. I jst want 2 say one more point if i may the government must spend millions every year trying 2 fight the war on cannabis please get your heads out each others arses we are not the problem hear. Thanks all i hope some people agree with this point.