Sunday, 9 September 2007

Scottish Drugs Forum warns dangers of poor quality cannabis including soapbar

'Super-skunk’ furore overshadows risks facing young cannabis users, says SDF

This is a recent article dated 2nd August 2007 by the Scottish Drugs Forum, they highlight the dangers of low quality cannabis the implications on health the fact the media mostly covers stronger cannabis such as skunk. Thank you to the Scottish Drugs Forum for raising these issues.


David Liddell says: “Cash-strapped young people are inhaling potentially dangerous amounts of cheap “soapbar” or “council cannabis”, often the equivalent of three to five joints at one time.

“This is even though it can be contaminated with potentially dangerous ingredients such as turpentine, boot polish, aspirin, animal droppings, glues, dye, and potentially cancerous industrial chemicals.

“Recent press articles have highlighted ‘super skunk’, how strong it is and how it is causing severe mental health problems amongst young people.

“Yet super skunk is not a drug commonly used by most ordinary young people – they are opting for soapbar because they can’t afford the higher quality and more expensive “super skunk” herbal cannabis, which costs between £120 and £160 per ounce compared to between £40 to £60 for soapbar resin.

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