Friday, 7 September 2007

Why is Soapbar so popular in the UK?

Common theories for soapbar been a large market of the cannabis consumed in the United Kingdom is:

Cheap Price

Extremely cheaper than Skunk and can build many more joints with soapbar due to the quantity although it is much weaker most strains of herbal cannabis/skunk varieties. Prices can be as cheap as £1.50 for a gram and prices have fallen in the last 10 years but the quality is the same or even worse.


Many sources say that Cannabis Resin/Soapbar is the most popular form of cannabis in the UK, its usually available in most cities and popular among council estates.

People think its Hash?

A lot of people still think they are smoking "hash" but this is not the case when they read websites like this or other sources on the internet. Learn how to recognise it and know what you are buying.


With the legal status and unregulated ways in the way cannabis is smuggled/distrubuted then anyone can tamper with illegal drugs to increase profit with no consideration for the users.


People continue to smoke it or people just see it as a smoke and are not aware of the dangers.

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