Friday, 7 September 2007

Soapbar Purity including Ingredients/Contaminants

Here is a list of possible ingredients found in Soapbar:

Henna (common for the colour)
Instant Coffee Mixture (colour)
Plastic (common)
Pine Resin
Condensed Milk
Camel Sh** / Dog Sh**
Boot Polish
Crushed Tranqualisers (possibly to increase the effect!)
Turpentine (give more resinous look)
Glue (benzene and toluene)
Engine Oil (used as well)


"Recent research by the Edinburgh University Cannabis Resin Impurity Study Project (CRISP) discovered cannabis resin can be up to between 80pc and 90pc impure"

"Cannabis Resin Impurities Survey Project conducted preliminary research in 2001 on five samples of Moroccan ‘soap-bar’ resin provided by Customs & Excise (CRISP 2002). It was found that the psychoactive adulterants included glue (benzene and toluene), ketamine, caffeine, and aspirin – while other additives, varying in toxicity, included liquorice, milk powder, boot polish, beeswax, turpentine, henna, vinyl, motor oil, dyes, pine resin, animal shit, soil, and phenols"


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

fuck soap bar, its weak and full of crap that dont belong in your lungs. if you want to get stoned get some skunk, do it right!

Anonymous said...

I don't smoke resin i'll just stick with the good old weed.

Anonymous said...

Grass should be legalised to stop people smoking this crap.

If it was crime would go down, there would be more jobs, the goverment would make money from it, there would be less people with drug problems and alcohol problems if they had a pure clean alternative that doesn't pay for criminal activities.

goran said...

its not bad stuff actually... not as good as classic weed but not bad for a backup

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Hello, I do not agree with the previous commentator - not so simple

Jimmy Saville said...

Edinburgh is the worst for soapbar. Well, maybe not the worst but the quieter places don't have as many suppliers and people can only take what they can get, the likes of Aberdeen or Fyfe or somewhere with villages and less crime get away with it because it doesn't smell like green does and it's all they are able to get there hands on. Obviously everywhere will have good stuff and really bad stuff, but Glasgow has the best quality soapbar around, say what you will but I know this for a fact, i'm not saying everywhere but no one will buy clicks/bars of proper un-smokable hash at that price anymore because if the hash is terrible it is noticed instantly, either by burning and smelling or even just smoking it. Terrible hash hurts your throat and lungs, if you think smoking weed hurts sometimes poor quality soapbar or 'tinge' is almost un-inhalable you choke before it fills your lungs, probably your body trying to tell you something..

You don't even have to be used to smoking it to be able to tell if its bad. I spend £250 a wk of my wages on an oz of proper green and vowed many times I would never smoke soapbar again but I do end up going back for a bit if I can't get it that night, it is good because its cheap, lasts, 9/10 its there and does the job. The taste is never pleasant but I smoke cigarettes and don't like the taste either.

FYI, 'Pollen' is a good type of soapbar w close to none of those impurities, so little its hard to detect.. Whoever made this doesn't seem to know the difference. Pollen is golden brown and requires a 2 second heat with a lighter to spread, some don't even need heated at all to spread it and the spreads fluffy and powder-like rather than roll's into little balls. I actually like the taste of pollen, its close to the taste of bubble has (the light brown/real stuff made with just resin, it is homemade and if made right its better than green minus the taste).

The reason I say Glasgow is fairly obvious, without some bellend thinking its funny and making it into a joke, is because of the poorer housing schemes. There are 3 people selling hash in my scheme, 7 I know of who sell green including youngsters.. Maybe more, Cranhill is certainly not the only place for it. It is EVERYWHERE in Glasgow. Schemes are the place for better quality soapbar. Where it is common for people to smoke it, women, men, teenagers, elderly.. soapbar is as common as alcohol. I was brought up on the stuff, give me a good argument about any of the above points I have made and I will do my best to correct you. I have 40 years of experience w cannabis and I assure you everything I say is fact.

Glas-grow. The place to be for cannabis culture in Scotland.

Unknown said...

OMG is that what's in it I cant believe it but hey fck it I get stoned aff it and love it yee ha :-)